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At Strategy Execution, we believe everything is a project. Regardless of your title, department, or industry, chances are your work gets done through projects, so we’ve implemented this mindset into our extensive curriculum. Project-focused training can advance your career while helping you contribute to the strategic goals of your organization. Our courses can help you broaden your relational and technical skill set, elevate your business acumen, and give you the tools to approach and solve business problems strategically. The material we teach is a unique blend of research-based insight and market-proven principles.


Become a Certified Strategic Execution Professional

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program focuses explicitly on building leaders who can master the three domains that influence and define how work gets done: strategy, work, and people.

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On Campus at Duke University

Did you know the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program is also offered on the Duke University campus in Durham, NC?

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Become a certified Strategic Execution Professional

Beyond focusing on advanced project management, Strategy Execution has partnered with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) to offer the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program.

This program represents the next generation of courses focused on addressing how you and your organization navigate the challenges associated with executing project-based work in a complex, global environment. The collection of eight courses address issues related to strategic execution and offer project leaders a way to better navigate and execute in the face of unpredictability and ambiguity. Upon successful completion of the program, you are eligible to become a certified Strategic Execution Professional.

Certificates with The George Washington University

Taking steps toward certification can make a huge difference in your marketability and can also help you advance your career. In partnership with The George Washington University, Strategy Execution offers you the opportunity to earn certificates in a variety of discipline areas, allowing you to add credentials after your name and showcase your mastery of the subject.


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Are you ready to tackle the next step in your career? If you’re not sure where to begin, speak to one of our course counselors  for free to discuss your career path.

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