Victim or Victor: Taking Control as a Project Manager

Managing projects, programs and portfolios is stressful. While you can rely on technical skills to scope a project and manage potential risk, it is nearly impossible to control every potential variable. These unexpected obstacles, when combined with underdeveloped relational skills, can quickly send a project spiraling out of control.

Improve PM Skills

The Six Essential Skills that Define Project Leaders

Projects come in many forms, and under many labels. With many organizations shifting focus to metrics like “predictability” and “repeatability” of success, it’s important to hone the skills that can optimize your ability to successfully execute against your company’s strategy and goals.

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Certification Paths Catalog

We partner GWU to provide government organizations with certification programs for career development, positive organizational change, and impactful mission achievement in project/program management, federal project/program management, agile and business analysis, contract management and business skills.

Insight for Gov

Free Webinar: How to Mitigate Multiple Supplier Agreement Risks

Learn hands-on strategies for government vendor management and proven best practices that can help government/supplier interactions run with far fewer surprises and disagreements. (This webinar is eligible for 1 PDU.)

Our insight focuses on crucial issues & opportunities of managing projects, contracts, requirements and vendors. Because they capture best practices and reflect the changing environment, they can help reduce waste and fulfill mission objectives.

New! Top 10 Strategy Execution Trends 2016

This year’s Top 10 Strategy Execution Trends fall under the theme of understanding and communicating the strategic picture. Get all the details on the Strategy Execution Trends and explore our full suite of resources by clicking below.

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Learn More About The TwentyEighty Strategy Execution Team

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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution delivers workforce development that bridges the strategy execution gap.

Bridging the Gap: The Chasm That’s Killing your Company

A company’s leadership typically drives strategy making, but the disconnect between strategy making and strategy execution continues to plague leaders across all industries and markets and impede success. Learn how a workforce with a healthy balance of technical and relational skills will begin to close the gap between strategy making and execution.

Remove Barriers

Watch Now: Webinar on Common Barriers to Stategy Exeuction and How to Overcome Them

Watch this webinar to understand the consequences of misalignment of strategy and execution, how the highest performing organizations achieve alignment and how to identify common barriers and how to overcome them.

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