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Global Learning Solutions for a Project-Driven World

Build Skill Sets. Change Mindsets.

With Strategy Execution, you can choose from an extensive and holistic curriculum that allows you to refine both technical and leadership skills. We offer targeted coursework in areas including:

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Shaping leaders to get ahead of digital disruption

As part of Korn Ferry, we tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change. Learn more about our digital leader integrated solution.

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Building project skills to drive successful strategic initiatives

As part of Korn Ferry, we tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change. Learn more about our project management integrated solution.

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Our Partnership with Duke

We've partnered with Duke Corporate Education to deliver the highest caliber certificate programs. Earn the professional recognition you deserve and propel your career forward. Duke CE has been ranked in the top 3 by the "Financial Times" in Custom Executive Education for 19 consecutive years.

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We Deliver the Skills that Drive Project Performance

The basic domains of organizations are the strategy, the work required to accomplish the strategy, the teams of people who do the work, and the individuals who make up those teams. High performing organizations know how important it is that each domain is strong and skilled.

That is why we map our courses and programs to the domains in the model below, and we focus on building your skills in those areas so you can be as successful as possible. 

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We Have the Answers to Your Project Questions

I want to improve my skills and advance my career                      
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Solutions for Individuals

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I'm looking to build skills on my team                  
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Solutions for Teams

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Solutions for Government

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What Customers Are Saying

It's very easy to take a course online or in a classroom and then forget it as soon as you walk out the door. The critical piece is adopting a model that reinforces learning with coaching and timed reminders. This new way of learning is promising; it’s the way that I would like to deploy training.
Nobody does one job anymore. People need to start learning adaptive skills and be more creative in how they get work done. In the past, you could hide in a technical career, but in this complex work environment, you can’t anymore.