Adaptive Strategic Execution Program

Our new Adaptive Strategic Execution Program, developed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, is our approach and solution to the evolving challenges of getting work done. It focuses on empowering leaders of project-based work. This new partnership and curriculum targets a broad audience beyond traditional project and program managers.

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The Six Essential Skills that Define Project Leaders

Projects come in many forms, and under many labels. With many organizations shifting focus to metrics like “predictability” and “repeatability” of success, it’s important to hone the skills that can optimize your ability to successfully execute against your company’s strategy and goals.

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Why Government Projects Never Fail

If you have an organization that believes they’re doing nothing wrong, then there’s no room for improvement. That’s a real challenge, but one most people think is worth tackling, especially within the government! Read the article that uncovers the opportunities for improving project outcomes.

Insight for Gov

Real Challenges, Tangible Results

Government organizations have been partnering with Strategy Execution for over three decades. Using our project and contract management training and guidance, they strived to achieve their goals. These stories showcase the real challenges that were faced by our clients and the solutions that they used to successfully overcome them.

Our insight focuses on crucial issues & opportunities of managing projects, contracts, requirements and vendors. Because they capture best practices and reflect the changing environment, they can help reduce waste and fulfill mission objectives.

Join us this December for #ASEPatDuke

Our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program will be delivered on Duke University’s campus in Durham, N.C., allowing leaders to learn from leading-edge content and world-class instruction, combined with networking opportunities and expert facilitation. Join us to begin your journey to becoming a certified Strategic Execution Professional.

On Campus at Duke

Talk to an Expert

If you or your team are engaged in project-based work, the right training can advance your career and allow you to contribute to the strategic goals of your company. Our representatives will help you identify your training needs and challenges and explain how TwentyEighty Strategy Execution courses can provide you with the skills you need to move forward.

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution delivers workforce development that bridges the strategy execution gap.

Rolling out in Early 2018... Our new Lean and Agile Program

Modern Agility is more about values and principles than it is about processes and tools. An adaptive, blended approach to Agile transition helps organizations adopt and wield new concepts quickly and effectively while reducing the risk of derailing complex current state situations and in-flight commitments.

Lean and Agile

Why Agile?

The roots of Agile can be traced back to Lean manufacturing, Systems Thinking, Extreme Programming, and other early development methods. As it has evolved, Agile has become very applicable to organizational areas outside of IT – Lean and Agile mindsets and techniques are being successfully implemented in healthcare, manufacturing & product design, services delivery, HR, Finance, and Legal.

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