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Training and Certification Programs for Government Organizations

Building Government Talent; Driving Agency Results

We believe that government project management training alone is not enough. To meet public demand for better and more services amid a budget squeeze, government agencies need three things:

  • An integrated team approach
  • People with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills
  • A work environment that lets people improve how they work

Strategy Execution has helped clients fulfill all three needs by never losing sight of the desired outcomes. It's no wonder that while other providers deliver training, we deliver results.

Demonstrating training effectiveness and organizational impact is foundational to the way we engage with our clients. We know that learning and development budgets must be linked to improved organizational performance and accomplished missions. We continuously evaluate the impact of our training and invite you to look at the results:

Contracting Vehicles for Government

Strategy Execution offers a variety of government contracting vehicles. Learn more here. 

Government Insight

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Building Government Talent

Build Government Talent

We equip the government workforce for mission success

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Why Gov Projects Never Fail

Why Government Projects Never Fail

Uncover How Government Organizations Can Improve the Outcomes of their Projects

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