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Key Disciplines for Getting Work Done

Everything is a Project. Can You Get the Work Done?

Key Disciplines for Getting Work Done

Everything is a Project. Can You Get the Work Done?

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Guess what? You’re running a project. Sure, in many companies, “project” may mean IT is involved, and there’s a dedicated project manager in charge — but projects are the mechanism by which companies get just about everything done, whether implementing new services, developing and releasing new products, improving internal processes, or impacting customer experience. Here’s how to take control of your project and turn it into a win for your team, your organization and yourself.

Key Disciplines for Getting Work Done discusses:

  • How even though what you’re working on might not be considered a “project,” many of the disciplines involved in skilled project leadership can help you get work done 
  • Getting work done with the discipline and skill of a trained project manager 
  • The five steps to project leadership success

Where do you begin? How long will it take? What skills and resources will you need—and which ones are actually available to you? You’re confident in your technical abilities, but this is a whole new ballgame.

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