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Breaking Down Your Project Breakdown

8 Reasons Why Your Initiatives Keep Failing

Breaking Down Your Project Breakdown

8 Reasons Why Your Initiatives Keep Failing

Article_Breaking Down Your Project Breakdown

In the past, business leaders have relied on a prescribed method to managing projects, which included elements like documenting requirements, risks, and milestones. This tactical approach was satisfactory in stable environments, but as today’s world grows increasingly complex, project leaders today must develop an adaptive mindset and view their approach through a new lens to successfully adapt their work to changes in the operating context.

Breaking Down Your Project Breakdown: 8 Reasons Why Your Initiatives Keep Failing discusses:

  • Why planning projects ahead of time is not enough
  • The ways in which leaders must be prepared to iterate and improvise in the face of unexpected changes
  • How decision-making has cascaded more deeply into organizations as adaptive leaders seek a diversity of expertise and perspective

The reasons for project failure have not changed, but the volatile environment in which business operates has. Managing project breakdowns today requires leaders to avoid default biases of “what we’ve always done” and reframe problems in the current context in order to discover new solutions.

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