Sure Bet in Nevada

The City of Henderson builds a Community of Business Analysis Practice and significantly improves the Quality of its Program Outcomes

The leaders of the City of Henderson, Nevada decided to invest precious budget dollars in its people to hedge its bets against future risk and potential losses due to project failures. The investment involved the launch of a large scale training initiative to further develop a business analysis (BA) presence in the City’s project management office (PMO). The City did not have a formal BA presence, program, methodology, practices, or procedures and, therefore, was unable to reach their objective of improving the outcomes of the City’s major projects.

This case study discusses:

  • The need for establishing an effective BA presence, methodology, processes and procedures
  • Challenges of requirements elicitation and project failures due to lack of BA practices
  • The training solution that was implemented by the City in partnership with Strategy Execution
  • Accomplishments of the City leaders and employees due to benefits of received training