Grandfathered Agile Path

The George Washington University Certificates

Grandfathered Agile Path (prior to March 1, 2018)

Below are the former GW Agile certificate programs based on our former Agile course offerings (retired and soon to be retired).  They are superseded by the new GW certificates in Agile Practices as of March 1, 2018.  The new path is based on our latest Agile course offerings and represents an expanded breadth of content in Agile.  Students are encouraged to follow the new paths when possible.    However, students who have completed a number of courses on the old path may opt to complete their original certification path as outlined below.

Grandfathered Associate's Certificate
Agile Practices
Complete three courses within two years

Grandfathered Master's Certificate
Agile Practices
Complete seven courses within four years

 At least one must be taken:

At least one must be taken:

 One or more may be taken:

Four or more may be taken:

 Up to one course may be taken:

Up to two courses may be taken:


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