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Validate: The Impact Model

Validation of the project management solution is a key step to making sure a project stays on the path to success.

Given the velocity and frequency of change seen in most environments, it is critical to justify business investments, document best practices, and tweak activities to ensure optimal results. Continual validation of learning objectives, activities, and results are paramount throughout every step of the training engagement.

Impact Model

People pay attention to results.

Validation of a learning solution is the process by which TwentyEighty Strategy Execution helps clients track progress against measurable objectives and success criteria, allowing for a clear demonstration of return-on-investment. These insights are critical to help guide future learning initiatives, to justify future budgets, and to elevate sponsor prominence and recognition. Let us help make you a hero.

We can help you definitively answer the following critical questions:

  • Will my investment with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution have a positive impact on this organization?
  • How much impact will my investment have?
  • How can this investment lead to both immediate and long-term gains?

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