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Who We Serve

At Strategy Execution, we take a tremendous amount of pride in our training and the impact it has on our clients, and we’re here to deliver education solutions designed to build skills and drive performance with individuals, across teams, commercial enterprises, or government agencies.

For Individuals

At Strategy Execution, we believe everything is a project. Regardless of your title, department, or industry, chances are your work gets done through projects, so we’ve implemented this mindset into our extensive curriculum. Project leadership training can advance your career while helping you contribute to the strategic goals of your organization. Our courses can help you broaden your relational and technical skill set, elevate your business acumen, and give you the tools to approach and solve complex business problems strategically. The material we teach is a unique blend of research-based insight and market-proven principles designed to help you succeed.

Our Insider memberships were created for individuals looking to improve their skills or earn a certificate through Duke.

For Teams

Synergy and collaboration between teams is needed more in today's world than ever before. With the rate of change in strategy, technology, and markets, it's crucial for teams to be equipped to handle what is constantly thrown at them. When we train teams, we want to make sure that the language they use is the same, that the culture is strong, and that their ability to lead projects is superb.

Get your team trained with one of our Essentials memberships.

For Government

Formerly ESI International, Strategy Execution has successfully helped government organizations since 1981 improve their project and contract management through innovative training solutions. Strategy Execution offers more than 100 courses to all major federal agencies and most state and local government entities and educational institutions nationwide.

We believe that government project management training alone is not enough. To meet public demand for better and more services amid a budget squeeze, government agencies need three things:

  • An integrated team approach
  • People with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills
  • A work environment that lets people improve how they work

Strategy Execution has helped you fulfill all three needs by never losing sight of the desired outcomes. It's no wonder that while other providers deliver training, we deliver results. Learn about how we can help.

For Higher Education

Confronted with greater student expectations and intense competition, colleges and universities have been reevaluating and revamping end-to-end. Whether it is student recruitment, student retention, or institutional effectiveness, there is no standard approach for these new programs or projects. In addition to defining new processes, your teams must successfully lead the implementation and adoption of new systems.

Strategy Execution offers courses that prepare your staff to effectively run these critical initiatives. Our courses cover technical skills such as scheduling, cost control, and business process analysis. We also offer leadership and communications courses that are crucial to initiatives that cut across departments.

Whether you sit in the Office of the Provost or the IT department, Strategy Execution solutions help higher education experts manage diverse academic and operational projects.