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Business Skills

What Makes Business Skills so Important?

Technical skills are important, but comprehensive business skills, which include a foundation of soft skills, are critical to successful execution of projects. Strategy Execution's business skills training courses will provide you with a holistic skill set and mindset to allow you to tackle problems, identify opportunities, and make key decisions to improve results.

Getting Certified in Business Skills

No matter your role or industry, sharpening your business skills will allow you to master effective communication, budget and financial management, goal setting, critical thinking, and problem solving. Additionally, our business skills training will refine your negotiation techniques and help you manage organizational change. These skills will round out your business mindset and can be applied throughout your career in a multitude of settings.

 By completing five courses, you can earn your Professional Certificate in Business Skills.


Lean and Agile Project Management

High-Impact Communication

This course teaches techniques for creating high-impact, meaningful communication with coworkers, clients and stakeholders. Through practical exercises, group discussions and case studies, you will learn how to determine your own communication style, identify the communication styles of your audience and adapt your delivery accordingly.

Managing Projects

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

This course presents a structured approach for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help you get better results—whether you are innovating, managing crises or planning for the future. The course addresses the five types of critical thinking needed in business environments: strategic thinking, tactical thinking, analytical thinking, innovative thinking and implicative thinking.

Making Sense of Complexity

Establishing a Business Mindset

This course helps professionals develop and apply holistic solutions to business issues. You will learn to leverage variables related to the business environment, business thinking, business interactions, and business outcomes for project, organizational, personal and professional success. You’ll learn to apply Strategy Execution’s practical Mindset Model for interpreting different business situations, identifying goals, communicating effectively, and leveraging a variety of business “influencers.”

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