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Our Process

What to Expect When Working With Us

Our Process

At Strategy Execution, we treat our clients as partners. We believe that your best path toward success is having a clear understanding of your training needs and enabling Strategy Execution to help you implement the program within your organization.

Before the Training

Step 1: We coordinate a meeting to understand your challenges

Step 2: We align you to an engagement manager that can best support the skills your organization is looking to build

Step 3: We customize a learning plan aligning team skill gaps to your desired outcomes

Step 4: We deploy a customized plan with multiple modality options to meet your organization’s training needs

During the Training

A Dedicated Team

Strategy Execution will provide exceptional resources as value-added services to assist in your organization’s training program success. Your account representatives will oversee the day-to-day program management, including account setup, preparing marketing materials, scheduling and enrolling classes, and generally ensuring customer satisfaction. We'll also work with you on requests for information from your learners, prepares class rosters, and reports regarding enrollment or evaluations.

Additional Support Services

Strategy Execution can support a large corporate training program by providing:  

  • A Strategy Execution-hosted portal or landing page for the training program
  • Custom-built newsletters for your organization featuring new value-added content, participant spotlights/testimonials and upcoming courses
  • Access to monthly or quarterly informational webinars and casual lunch and learn sessions to help integrate learning  
  • Graduation ceremonies highlighting the accomplishments of those who have completed the advanced certification program to help build a social community of practice
  • Quarterly review meetings to review the previous quarter’s evaluation results, lessons learned, and areas for improvement