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Training Solution for the Federal Acquisition Certification for Project and Program Managers (FAC-P/PM)

Accelerated Learning > High Performance > Tangible Results


Not all FAC-P/PM services are equal. Strategy Execution’s results-oriented and fully FAI verified FAC-P/PM solution helps Government establish a well-trained acquisition workforce. Strategy Execution’s accelerated path to certification improves project results through better qualification of IPT members and transforms mission outcomes through improved program management and governance.

Strategy Execution’s position as an industry leader in supporting the professional development of the federal government’s acquisition workforce affords us unique insight into the challenges faced by today’s project and program managers. Our extensive work with diverse agency clients lets us guide management at all levels in the current best practices needed to deliver projects and programs on-time and on-budget, while meeting organizational requirements.

Strategy Execution has developed a full suite of FAC-P/PM Services to assist your agency in aligning federal policy compliance requirements with strategic and mission-oriented performance goals.

Below please find our complete resources to learn more about our FAC-P/PM training solution:

In addition to the 15 courses included in FAC-P/PM curricula, over 70 other Strategy Execution courses provide continuing learning points (CLP) training to keep your certification status according to OFPP’s requirements. All publicly available courses are also available at client locations. Courses that are designated as On Site Only are only available at client locations. Strategy Execution’s fully revised FAI-verified FAC-P/PM certification training curriculum is available through the GSA Schedule. The GSA contract number is GS-02F-0058P.

Title FAC-P/PM Level 1  FAC-P/PM Level 2  FAC-P/PM Level 3
FAC-PPM IT-Core Plus
FAC-P/PM Continuous Learning Points
Managing Federal Government Projects (FPM 111)  X      
Acquisition for Federal Government Project Managers (112)  X      
Scheduling and Cost Control for Federal Government Projects (113)  X      
Applied Project Management for the Federal Government (FPM 211)    X    
Applied Acquisition for Federal Government Project Managers (212)    X  

Applied Earned Value for Federal Government Projects (213)    X    
Leading Federal Govt Projects II (214)    X    
Program Management for the Federal Government (FPM 311)      X  
Advanced Acquisition for Federal Government Project Managers (312)      X

Advanced Earned Value for Federal Government Project Managers (313)      X  
Leading Federal Government Project Managers (314)      X  
IT PM: Management and Resources (FPM 401)       X
IT PM: Operations and Security (FPM 402)       X  
IT PM: Core Principles and Processes (FPM 403)       X  
Shaping Win-Win Acquisitions (CON 100)          X
Federal Contracting Basics           X
Source Selection: The Best-Value Process          X
Operating Practices in Contract Administration          X
Legal Considerations in Government Contracting (CON 216)          X
Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques          X
Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting (CON 243)          X
Federal Construction Contracting (CON 244)          X
Negotiation Strategies and Techniques          X
FAR Part 15: Negotiated Acquisition          X
Federal Appropriations Law          X
Government Contract Law          X
International Contracting          X
Managing Cost-Reimbursement Contracts          X
Managing Performance-Based Service Awards          X
Market Research and Commercial Item Acquisition          X
Performance-Based Acquisition: Preparing Work Statements          X
Project Management for Contracting Professionals          X
Simplified Acquisition          X
Source Selection Essentials: Planning, Conducting, Debriefing          X
Subcontract Management in Government Contracting          X
Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance          X
Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations          X
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving          X
Establishing a Business Mindset          X
High-Impact Communication          X
Contract Pricing           X
COR Level 1 Training           X
COR Training Program            X
Cost Estimating           X
Agile Practices for Product Owners           X
Agile Projects: Keys to Getting Started           X
Delivering Agile Projects with Scrum          X
Developing Agile Requirements           X
Estimating and Planning Agile Projects           X
Project Portfolio Management Using Agile           X
Business Data Modeling           X
Business Process Modeling           X
Developing Use Cases           X
Testing Techniques for Tracing and Validating Requirements           X
Business Process Analysis, Innovation & Design           X
Negotiation Skills for Project Managers           X
Requirements Management: A Key to Project Success          X
Unlocking the Power of Earned Value Management          X
Writing Statements of Work: The Heart of Any Contract          X
Aligning Project Management with Organizational Strategy          X
Leading Complex Projects          X
Program Management          X
Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects          X
PMP® Exam Power Prep          X