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Webinars and Podcasts

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution offers Webinars on Demand. Please find our archive below.

Bridging Strategy and Project Execution for Success

Join leading expert, John Warren, as he dives into strategic execution and identifies the causes and impacts of misalignment that hinder organizational success. Learn what the benefits of alignment and excellence can be for your organization and what is entailed in moving in that direction. Alignment facilitated by clear vision, structure, culture, process and skills and project prioritization can greatly enhance success of project-based work.

How to Mitigate Multiple Supplier Agreement Risks

Unclear or changing requirements, an imbalance in technical knowledge between the parties, poor communication, inadequate project plans — these are just a few sources of project risks that if not mitigated can (and most likely will) bring many problems into your otherwise perfectly planned contract execution. In this 1-hour webinar you will learn hands-on strategies for government vendor management and proven best practices that can help government/supplier interactions run with far fewer surprises and disagreements.

Aligning Your Organization to Execute Its Strategy

Join expert, Jeff Colvin, to explore a practical approach to help organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution. During this presentation, we will identify critical focus points, knowledge areas and both the technical and relational skill sets needed to find success. In addition, this extended session will take a deep dive into an academically-tested and industry-proven framework that serves as the pathway to help companies stay on track, align projects with key initiatives and achieve desired outcomes.


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