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Adaptive Strategic Execution for a Complex World

The Power of Partnership: Strategy Execution and Duke CE

Webinar: Adaptive Strategic Execution for a Complex World

The Power of Partnership: Strategy Execution and Duke CE

Webinar_Adaptive Strategic Execution Complex World CTAIn collaboration with our new partner, Duke Corporate Education, we hosted a #StratExLive webinar that presented the challenges of today’s complex business world and highlighted concrete solutions to empower project leaders.

During the event, Strategy Execution’s Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Gilbert and Duke Corporate Education’s Global Head of Strategic Leadership Solutions, Tony O’Driscoll discussed the macro trends showing the increasing pervasiveness of project-based work, while at the same time conceding that many project-based initiatives today have a high failure rate due to today’s business complexity.

As an approach to this strategy execution gap, they presented an overview of Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education’s new Adaptive Strategic Execution Program and explained how each of the eight courses in the curriculum aims to solve a specific leadership challenge presented by today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. This webinar will allow you to:

  • Better understand the current VUCA environment challenging project success, and begin to recognize how VUCA creates both opportunities and threats to the way you typically lead and manage project-based work
  • Walk away with practical steps to help you navigate the VUCA environment by optimizing the three critical domains of adaptive strategic execution: strategy, work, and people
  • Learn about the new partnership between Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education designed to increase alignment and engagement across organizations through skills-based training
Adaptive Leaders Needed

The Adaptive Leader

Cultivating a Mindset to Handle a More Complex World

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Courses: Adaptive Strategic Execution Program

Our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), established in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, consists of eight courses, each of which is focused on developing leaders of project-based work as they navigate unanticipated market shifts and unpredictable industry disruptions.

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How Project Work

How Project-Based Work Gets Done

At Strategy Execution, we believe that with the right foundation of skills and resources, leaders can equip themselves, their teams, and their organizations to successfully get work done in our current business environment.

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