Navigating Your Organization to Implement Training: A Guide

Building the Business Case for Project Leadership Training

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Navigating Your Organization to Implement Training: A Guide

Building the Business Case for Project Leadership Training

Getting the Training Your Team Needs 

In order to effectively and efficiently get work done, teams need to be equipped with the right skill sets and competencies to complete their projects. Talent development and performance improvement have become boardroom focal points, and as a business leader you likely recognize the value of applying excellent project management and project leadership skills to the initiatives that you are leading. But how do you identify the right training and educational support that your team needs? 

Getting the Training Your Team Needs Now for Success: A Guide to Navigating Your Organization's Training Landscape discusses:

  • Identifying the talent that will be best served by leadership training, and how to select the right training programs for them
  • Creating timelines for training, and understanding how long it will take to get your people skilled-up in the areas where they need training 
  • Selecting the types of training and the partner that will work best with your team
  • Communicating (and getting approval for) your training plan across the organization

Every company handles professional development processes and decisions differently based on its size, culture, budget, structure, and professional development maturity. What doesn’t change is the importance of getting the right people in the room to begin the conversation of identifying a long-term development strategy with clear learning objectives. With this guide, you can become a professional development wizard, and the story of your training investment will become one of accelerated, increased project success and sustained business gains.

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