The 6 Essential Skills That Define PM Leaders

Are You Ready to Become a Project Leader?

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The 6 Essential Skills That Define PM Leaders

Are You Ready to Become a Project Leader?

Six Essential Skills for Project Leaders 

When it comes to planning the next steps in your career, some goals may be clear to see: advancing from individual projects to program and portfolio management, for example. However, what might not be as obvious are the skills required to establish yourself as a project leader. Beyond honed technical abilities, successful project leaders cultivate soft skills that allow them to connect strategy and execution to keep a project on track and aligned to business objectives.

This brief outlines the six essential skills required for project leadership success:

  • Managing alignment across diverse teams
  • The ability to interpret strategy against project requirements, and communicate technical requirements up to executive stakeholders
  • Learning how to innovate and drive innovation in the projects you lead
  • Long-term planning and forward thinking in a project-based environment
  • Cultivating your network of peers and project team members across the organization
  • Decision making that protects and positively impacts the bottom line

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, you will want to review the skills outlined in The Six Essential Skills that Define PM Leaders.

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