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Project Management Today

Moving Beyond Technical Skills for Optimal Project Success

Project Management Today

Moving Beyond Technical Skills for Optimal Project Success

Moving Beyond Technical Skills

Business success relies on the delivery of strategic initiatives—often in the form of projects, programs and portfolios. When it comes to project leadership, however, defining the criteria for success can be a bit more challenging. Project management is moving away from being a predominantly technical discipline and stepping into a more strategic role. Smart organizations and PMs alike are investing in the training necessary to manage this evolution.

Project Management Today discusses:

  • What the PMI® newly released Talent Triangle™ says about the future of the PM profession
  • How PMI® has reorganized its certification standards and requirements to ensure project managers get the training they need to maintain their credential and stay competitive
  • The three key pillars of expertise required for and expected of today's project managers

Forward-thinking organizations are demanding their project managers have a broader set of skills so they are able to think more strategically about the organization as a whole, as well as use that mindset to focus and drive their projects to realize tangible benefits.

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