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Justify My Training: A Letter to Your Boss

Building the Case for Business-Sponsored Project-Based Training

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Justify My Training: A Letter to Your Boss

Building the Case for Business-Sponsored Project-Based Training

Justify Your Training: A Letter to Your Boss

Many large organizations—and even some at the small- to mid-market level—have a reserve fund for employee development. This can come in many forms: a corporate university, an L&D hub of electronic training materials, department and function-specific on-site courses or sponsorship of professional certifications. Tapping into these resources, however, might not be as easy as you would think.

Even in organizations that view professional development as a talent retention tool, individual employees must pursue the right training. To secure your manager’s support, you want to do your due diligence to establish why the training will not only benefit you at an individual level, but also the organization as a whole. Whether you are a certified PMP® looking to maintain your professional credentials or a project-based worker looking to more formally develop the skills necessary to successfully do your job, your manager is likely looking for the same information.

As part of your request for training, you want to be armed with some critical details—before your manager asks you for them:

  • The specific skills you are seeking to improve or develop
  • Why and how training will improve your performance and how it will impact your ability to do your job
  • What course, curriculum or certification you have identified as the best means of closing a skills gap or upskilling
  • The details of the training you are proposing to take (cost, level of effort, location, impact to current workload)

If you are ready to take the next steps in your professional development, download Justify Your Training: A Letter to Your Boss.


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