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Becoming One Company

A Blended Approach to Getting Work Done

Becoming One Company

A Blended Approach to Getting Work Done

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The need for adaptability and flexibility should be apparent to anyone operating in today’s environment. We operate in a more global, interconnected and interdependent world, one where outside factors we can’t control are constantly coming into play. As part of this blended approach, managers and team members must learn to solve business problems through applying best practices from across disciplines.

Becoming One Company: A Blended Approach to Getting Work Done discusses:

  • Successfully picking and choosing from various methodologies as needed and as appropriate
  • Developing leaders to have the ability to seamlessly step back and examine the bigger picture, ensure synergy across levels, and adjust course as necessary
  • The importance of skills such as managing scope, cost,and time; aligning work to strategy; gathering and managing requirements; and collaborating and influencing across teams

The overall goal is flexibility and adaptability that allows your organization to adeptly handle the curve balls and disruptions they’re faced with, accomplished by investing in the skills of your people.

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