Curriculum & Course Webinars

These curriculum and course overview webinars, presented by Strategy Execution instructors, will give you a preview into our course content

Learn About Our Curricula

Are you a prospective student, a project leader seeking training for your team, or just interested in the type of content that our courses offer? These webinars are delivered by real instructors and provide information and a preview of some of our most popular curricula and training programs. Gain an understanding of how each curriculum is designed to help you and your teams solve business challenges. 

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Learn About Our Project Management & Business Skills Courses

Strategy Execution instructors share their insight into how our project management and business skills courses can help you and your teams better execute your strategy through project-based work. Choose one of the below webinars to start learning more about our business skills and project management courses.


Learn About Our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program Courses

Our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), developed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, is designed to extend the mindset, tool set, and skill set of project leaders, enabling them to thrive in increasingly unpredictable work environments. Choose one of the below webinars to learn more about some of our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program courses.

Learn About Our Lean and Agile Courses

Modern Agility is more about values and principles than it is about processes and tools. Our Lean and Agile courses are focused on a blended approach that builds practical skills while also emphasizing an adaptive and innovative mindset. Choose one of our webinars below to learn more about our Lean & Agile course offerings.

Learn About Our Business Analysis Courses

Our business analysis courses illustrate how business analysts act as a catalyst to transform strategic planning into actionable scope to achieve operational improvement. Choose one of our webinars below to learn more about some of our Business Analysis courses.