Certification Paths Catalog for Government Employees

Practical certification programs designed for accelerated career development, positive organizational change, and impactful mission achievement

In 1984, Strategy Execution and The George Washington University (GW) partnered to provide government organizations with practical certification programs in the areas of:

  • Project and program management
  • Federal project and program management
  • Agile and business analysis
  • Contract management and business skills

Regardless of which discipline you pursue, our certifications will help you and your teams overcome the silos that undermine performance and prevent effective collaboration. By doing so, you’ll shorten life cycles, reduce waste, and provide the value that customers expect. Each certification program is seamlessly implemented by government-dedicated Strategy Execution staff and account managers. Throughout the entire process, our teams ensure flawless execution of every program, for the agency as well as for each participant.

Download our comprehensive certification catalog to get detailed information about how you or your team can become a GW-certified professional.