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Brochures and Catalogs


Strategy Execution would like to share information about our expertise with you. Read the brochures below to gain insight into how we can help you better execute projects.

The Strategy Execution Hub
Strategy Execution offers an extensive and holistic curriculum that allows you to refine your technical skills while developing essential leadership skills. The Hub, an online platform built by Strategy Execution, is where learners become great project leaders.

Learning Solutions & Certificate Paths
Strategy Execution offers a variety of certifications across all our programs. Download the learning solutions and certificate paths brochure to learn more about the certification requirements and the professional credentials available to you. 

Adaptive Strategic Execution Program Brochure
Projects are the means by which strategies are executed and goals are achieved. Today, leaders of project-based work must have the right skill sets, an adaptive approach, and a responsive mindset to help them and their organizations navigate an increasingly complex and collaborative environment. The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP) is specifically designed to prepare leaders for these challenges.

Adaptive Strategic Execution Program Certification Path
The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), built in partnership between Duke Corporate Education and Strategy Execution, focuses explicitly on building leaders who can master the three domains that influence and define how work gets done: strategy, work, and people. Each of the eight courses in the program aligns to two or more of these domains, and each course is designed to teach the competencies necessary to navigate these domains in a real-world setting. To earn a program certificate of completion from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, two required courses and four electives must be successfully completed.

Adaptable Lean and Agile Training Curriculum Brochure
Strategy Execution provides a Lean and Agile training curriculum that is adaptable to our clients’ individual needs and business goals. We partner with our clients to help them build core competencies within their businesses that empower individuals and teams across the entire business spectrum – from IT to the PMO to sales, marketing, design, and other areas. The result? Clients whose teams master the core competencies necessary to consistently deliver projects, products, and services faster, with higher quality, and with more predictable outcomes.

Strategy Execution e-Training
Today’s increasingly complex and ever-innovating world demands a modern training approach for the future. Our newly updated and refurbished e-Training courses span across our curricula and are designed to empower and develop our learners to meet today’s demands.

Strategy Execution Essentials Membership
Strategy Execution Essentials is a flexible, subscription-based learning membership for organizations who want to give their people unlimited access to all of our learning solutions and provide them with ongoing support throughout their journey.