Why Government Projects Never Fail

Bill Damaré, Vice President of the Government Business Unit at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, uncovers how Government Organizations can improve the Outcomes of Their Projects

In many agencies, there has been advancements in program improvement and process innovation. However, the threat to such initiatives lies in the failure to attain the targets and metrics for success. Often times, improving project management has as much to do with changing hearts and minds as it is with getting down to the business of putting actual programs and initiatives into action. If you're not claiming that your projects fail, then you've been re-setting the clock on your schedule and adjusting your costs and budget.

This article discusses:

  • The “easy” of government project management
  • Key elements to delivering successful programs
  • Breaking from “red tape” and “hoop jumping”
  • Intertwining risk of poor communications
  • Opportunities and ways for improvement