Fourteen Skills to Develop to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Fourteen Keys for PM Career Success

Career advancement in project management does not often follow a defined and clear path. Sure, technical ability is important in managing the foundational elements of a project—but how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? Beyond technical skills, project leaders must exhibit business skills. This is particularly important as project leaders connect strategy and execution, and drive stakeholder and team member engagement to deliver results.

Fourteen Keys for PM Career Success discusses:

  • The core business skills project managers need to be well-rounded, deliver success for their organizations and accelerate career success
  • Which skills should be mastered first in order to ensure PMs have the required foundations from which to build
  • The four phases of the project lifecycle, and how to best engage with stakeholders in each phase

Shift your focus from only investing in technical training and master the fourteen core business skills that will take your career and your organization to the next level.