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Find guaranteed to run courses in your area or online

Many of Strategy Execution's public courses are on the guaranteed to run schedule. Below is a list of courses that are guaranteed to run in your area or offered virtually, within our virtual instructor-led training classrooms.

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Location/Modality Start Date End Date Course Name
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  10/16/18  10/18/18  Defining Business Needs and Solution Scope
 Arlington, VA  10/16/18  10/18/18  Project Leadership, Management and Communications
 Arlington, VA  10/22/18 10/24/18  Program Management
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  10/22/18  10/24/18  Writing Statements of Work: The Heart of Any Contract
 Arlington, VA   10/29/18 10/31/18  Advanced Earned Value for Federal Government Project Managers (FPM 313) 
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  10/29/18  10/31/18  Enterprise Business Analysis
 Arlington, VA  10/29/18  10/31/18  Business Data Modeling
 Denver, CO  11/5/18 11/8/18  Negotiation Strategies and Techniques
 Arlington, VA  11/6/18  11/7/18  Lean and Agile Project Management
 Arlington, VA   11/13/18  11/15/18  International Contracting
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  11/13/18 11/15/18  Risk Management
 Arlington, VA  11/13/18  11/15/18  Quality for Project Managers
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  11/13/18  11/16/18  Scheduling and Cost Control
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  11/13/18  11/16/18  Contract Pricing
 Arlington, VA  11/19/18  11/20/18  Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  11/19/18 11/21/18  Managing Projects
 Arlington, VA  11/27/18  11/29/18  Eliciting and Managing Requirements
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  11/27/18  11/29/18  High-Impact Communication
 Arlington, VA  11/27/18  11/30/18  Federal Contracting Basics
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/3/18  12/5/18  Program Management
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/3/18 12/6/18  Operating Practices in Contract Administration
 Arlington, VA  12/3/18  12/6/18  Contract Pricing
 Arlington, VA  12/5/18 12/7/18  Subcontract Management in Government Contracting
 Arlington, VA   12/10/18 12/13/18  Scheduling and Cost Control
 Arlington, VA   12/11/18  12/13/18  Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/17/18  12/18/18  Fundamentals of Business Analysis
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/17/18 12/18/18  Lean and Agile Project Management
 Arlington, VA   12/17/18  12/19/18  Managing Projects
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/17/18  12/19/18  Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
 Arlington, VA   12/17/18  12/20/18  Source Selection: The Best-Value Process
 Virtual Instructor-Led Training  12/19/18  12/20/18  Fundamentals of DevOps
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