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Simplified Acquisition Procedures Course

Available Modalities:

  • e-Training
  • Public Classroom
  • On Site
  • Virtual Classroom
Delivery Method PDU Total Technical PMP/PgMp Leadership Strategy PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Instructor-Led Training 18 3 0 15 0 0 0 0 0
Delivery Method Instructor-Led Training
PDU Total 18
Technical PMP/PgMp 3
Leadership 0
Strategy 15
PfMP 0
  • CEUs: 1.8
  • CPEs: 21.5

The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA) of 1994 made key changes to the ways that federal agencies conduct their simplified acquisitions (previously called “small purchases”). The act underscored the government’s long-standing policy of filling requirements through the use of simplified procedures designed to reduce administrative costs and widen opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses to obtain a fair proportion of government contracts. Among other changes, the law introduced a $100,000 threshold, revised the policies governing set-aside and preference programs, provided super-streamlined procedures for “micro-purchases,” and identified laws and requirements that are inapplicable to simplified acquisitions.

This course provides in-depth, up-to-the-minute coverage on the full range of small-purchase policies and procedures, including the revised Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) language. In addition to explaining the many changes that have occurred in the simplified acquisition arena, the course also emphasizes the well-established rules that have not changed with FASA, such as compliance with FAR Part 8, required source of supply, the regulatory prohibition against splitting orders, and contract reporting.

  • Describe the federal contracting process and environment
  • Explain the purpose and goals of simplified acquisitions
  • Describe socioeconomic programs related to simplified acquisitions
  • Describe the competition requirements for simplified acquisitions
  • Evaluate quotations considering price and other factors
  • Identify the required sources for supplies and services
  • Identify open market simplified acquisition procedures
  • Describe the administrative functions associated with simplified acquisition orders

This course uses digital materials.

  • An Introduction to Simplified Acquisition
    • Overview of the contracting process
    • Relevant FAR parts
    • Simplified acquisition procedures
    • Why have simplified acquisitions?
    • Simplified acquisition threshold
    • Micro-purchases
    • Simplified procedures
    • General simplified acquisition policies (FAR 13.003)
    • Applicability of laws, provisions, and clauses to simplified acquisitions
    • The government purchasing environment
    • Separation of powers
    • Key FAR Parts relating to simplified acquisitions
    • Methods of filling government requirements for supplies and services
    • Basic open market requirements for simplified acquisitions
    • Small business set-aside
    • Locating small business sources
    • Socioeconomic considerations
  • Simplified Acquisition Planning and Procedures
    • Competition requirements in simplified acquisition
    • Competition (FAR Subpart 13.1)
    • Legal effect of quotations
    • Evaluation of quotations
    • Price evaluation
  • Types of Simplified Acquisition Arrangements
    • Selecting the most appropriate acquisition method
    • Government open market simplified acquisition procedures
    • Purchase orders (FAR 13.302)
    • Unpriced purchase orders
    • Contractor acceptance of purchase orders
    • Modification, termination, or cancellation of purchase orders
    • Purchase order form
    • Standard Form 44, Purchase Order–Invoice–Voucher (FAR 13.306)
    • Blanket purchase agreements (FAR 13.303)
    • Governmentwide commercial purchase card (FAR 13.301)
    • Imprest fund (FAR 13.305)
    • Third-party drafts
    • Fast payment procedures (FAR Subpart 13.4)
    • Micro-purchases
  • Administrative Responsibilities
    • Order administration functions
    • Inspection and acceptance
    • Acceptance or rejection
    • Modification
    • Payment
    • Termination