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FAR Part 15 Course

Available Modalities:

  • e-Training
  • Public Classroom
  • On Site
  • Virtual Classroom
Delivery Method PDU Total Technical PMP/PgMp Leadership Strategy PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Instructor-Led Training 15 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Virtual Instructor-Led Training 15 15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Delivery Method Instructor-Led Training Virtual Instructor-Led Training
PDU Total 15 15
Technical PMP/PgMp 15 15
Leadership 0 0
Strategy 0 0
PMI SP 0 0
PfMP 0 0
  • CEU: 1.5

FAR Part 15 establishes basic ground rules that are fundamental to a well-run federal procurement. The 1997 FAR Part 15 Rewrite created significant changes in source selection in federal contracting, including new procedures and policies regarding pricing, best-value decisions, past performance evaluations, communication with offerors and more. The rewrite laid the foundation for the rules that today govern negotiated contracting: how the government prepares for formal source selection, how industry competes for negotiated government contracts; and how the government evaluates proposals, selects a source and awards these contracts. The rewrite has stood up well over the last decade and some of its more fundamental rules have been carried over to other FAR-based contract vehicles.

This special course is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about FAR Part 15 as it currently works. You will learn how the current FAR Part 15 affects the daily responsibilities of government and industry procurement professionals. Every key component of the current rules and policies of FAR Part 15 is addressed, including:

Current policies on allowable exchanges between the government and offerors before, during and after the receipt of proposals:

Competitive range determinations
Truth in Negotiations Act
How contractors submit proposals
Emphasis on proposal evaluations, including past performance, cost-realism and oral presentations
This two-day comprehensive course includes case studies and discussions that will help students apply what they learn. Take advantage of this special opportunity to obtain an excellent overview of the current FAR Part 15 requirements and learn how to incorporate them into your procurement dealings.

  • Prepare and participate in the RFP process in full compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations 
  • Supply “neutral ratings” when past performance information is not available 
  • Distinguish between clarifications, communications and discussions to achieve the best possible contract 
  • Negotiate fee and incentive structures by incorporating the statutory change that removed the fee limitations on CPIF and CPAF contracts 
  • Select and participate in the competitive range process 
  • Use the notifications process for the best interests of all concerned 
  • Assure fair and reasonable pricing 
  • Ensure compliance with the Truth in Negotiations Act

This course uses digital materials.

  • Topics
    • Contracting by Negotiation
    • Source Selection Processes and Techniques 
    • Solicitation of Proposals and Information 
    • Development and Disclosure of Evaluation Factors 
    • Evaluation of Proposals 
    • Competitive Range Decision and Award 
    • Preaward, Award and Postaward Notifications 
    • Contract Pricing