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From identifying and understanding the vendor through to contract closeout, successfully managing service contracts requires the right balance of technical and relational skills. 

Strategy Execution contract management training courses give you a solid understanding of the acquisition community and prepare you to manage the entire procurement process. Collaboration with federal, state, and local government and agency clients at all levels equips us to provide the guidance you need to navigate ever-changing compliance mandates, regulations, and directives.

Our curriculum blends textbook theory with real-life perspectives that allow you to assess, manage, and solve complex challenges that may arise in all phases of the contract life cycle. Whether you’re involved with commercial, federal, or international contracts, our training will help you manage your contracts effectively and efficiently from start to finish and allow you to contribute to successful project outcomes.

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  • Applied Administration of Government Contracts

    Designed to enhance your skills, career and organization, Applied Administration of Government Contracts presents sophisticated, hands-on instruction for government and contractor personnel. Blending theory, everyday application and proven practices, the course focuses on the most complex aspects of contract administration, including planning, performance issues, modifications, cost monitoring, price adjustments, and disputes. The emphasis is on large, traditionally difficult, multi-task contracts and on the options and responsibilities government and industry administrators have at each key phase.

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  • Contract Closeout

    Contract closeout is the most unheralded phase of the procurement process, yet, when performed efficiently and effectively, it can protect the government’s interests and free up significant dollars for current-year program priorities. This practical, two-day course strikes an optimal balance between theory and practice by presenting the regulatory basis for the contract closeout process and then taking participants beyond theory to a real-life perspective on the challenges of actually doing closeout.

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  • Contract Pricing

    This course offers you a comprehensive, practical approach to establishing and evaluating prices for government contracts. You’ll receive thoroughly up-to-date coverage of The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 and the Clinger-Cohen Act on key pricing issues. Plus, you’ll learn about updates to the Truth in Negotiations Act and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) cost principles and about the unique challenges you face when pricing commercial items.

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  • COR Level 1 Training

    The course provides contracting professionals with the basic knowledge required to perform the tasks required of a FAC-COR Level 1. Level 1 COR skills are generally appropriate for low-risk contract vehicles, such as supply contracts and orders.

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  • COR Training Program

    As a designated representative acting on behalf of the government during the contracting process, the contracting officer’s representative (COR) fills a critical role in the federal acquisition process, acting as technical expert and business partner to both internal and external stakeholders. CORs are responsible for keeping contracting officers fully informed on a project’s progress and must monitor, inspect and accept work performed under the contract.

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  • Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques

    In this course, you’ll learn the cost and pricing knowledge and skills essential for making sound contracting negotiation decisions. Building on the basic skills learned in Level I contracting courses and on-the-job experiences, Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques introduces the techniques needed to analyze cost proposals to establish pre-negotiation objectives for the various elements of cost contained in the proposals. Through an integrated case study, participants will demonstrate their ability to calculate a cost objective and a price/cost objective and determine their pre-negotiation position based on their calculations.

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  • Cost Estimating

    Cost estimating is a fundamental yet challenging task for contract and project managers. Participants will receive instruction on the cost estimating process, principles and procedures based on best-practices and the GAO Cost Estimating and Analysis Guidebook. In addition, they will learn step-by-step process for developing accurate and realistic project cost estimates that withstand the scrutiny of customers and management and form a baseline for tight financial control. They will also learn how to incorporate risk and uncertainty in their estimates, provide range estimates and manage the cost estimating process throughout the project life cycle.

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  • FAR Part 15: Negotiated Acquisition

    This special course is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about FAR Part 15 as it currently works. You will learn how the current FAR Part 15 affects the daily responsibilities of government and industry procurement professionals.

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  • Federal Appropriations Law

    This course takes you through every facet of the budgeting and spending processes. You’ll get a thorough analysis of all funding activities, as seen through the eyes of the contracting, certifying and disbursing officers. And, you’ll participate in sessions that explore controlling decisions by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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  • Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting

    In this course, you will learn the basics of managing Federal Architect-Engineer contracts. Whether you are the a government employee working with these contracts or a private industry contractor looking to break into the government contracts market, Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting offers an overview of many of the issues related to these very specific types of government contracts.

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  • Federal Construction Contracting

    In this course, you will learn the basics of federal construction contracts. Whether you are a government employee working with these contracts or a private industry contractor looking to break into the government contracts market, Federal Construction Contracting offers an overview of many of the issues related to these very specific types of government contracts.

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  • Federal Contracting Basics

    Federal Contracting Basics is an intensive, five-day introduction to government contracting, giving you the information you need to understand procurement from start to finish — from acquisition planning through contract closeout.

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  • Government Contract Law

    This course focuses on the basic legal principles involved in federal government contracts. You’ll get expert analyses of the fundamental principles of the common law rules, statutes, regulations and policy pronouncements as interpreted by the federal court and board of contract appeals decisions that form the foundations of government contract law.

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  • International Contracting

    This highly practical, information-packed course explains how you can anticipate and address the risks, issues, and conflicts that arise in entering and managing contractual relationships with foreign firms and governments. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the provisions that govern international contractual relationships and how they differ from provisions governing domestic contracts. This comprehensive course addresses corruption and other legal considerations, the ins and outs of commercial arrangements, and the implications of international treaties and world events. It also gives you a firm foundation for drafting, interpreting, negotiating and modifying contractual agreements.

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  • Legal Considerations in Government Contracting

    In this course, you’ll build upon your learning from Level I contracting courses, the prerequisite Level II courses and your on-the-job experiences to gain the legal knowledge essential in making sound government contracting decision. Legal Considerations in Government Contracting introduces the legal foundations and sources of law relevant to the procurement process, including authority and ethics. It addresses various legal issues that may develop during the phases of a contract, such as protests, subcontracting considerations, inspection and acceptance issues, fraud and contract termination.

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  • Managing Cost-Reimbursement Contracts

    The course is a complete cost-reimbursement contracting guide. It provides government and industry personnel with the practical guidance needed to understand and then efficiently manage cost-reimbursement contracts. To ensure maximum learning, the course will be supplemented with case studies and exercises that demonstrate practical, on-the-job applications of the material.

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  • Managing Performance-Based Service Awards

    Managing Performance-Based Service Awards will outline the next steps following the award of a performance-based service contract. This course is designed to equip government contracting managers with the knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of performance-based service contracts. You will learn to measure and document contractor performance and reach successful contract completion by applying the appropriate incentives.

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  • Market Research and Commercial Item Acquisition

    Federal contracting officials who take this course will understand the ramifications of the (FARA) and (FASA) and how to issue a solicitation for commercial items and award the contract, basing decisions on appropriate considerations presented in the course. Additionally, the course focuses on important contract administration concepts — emanating from unique commercial contracting clauses and practices — that are very different from business-as-usual government practices.

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  • Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

    One of the most vital skills required in procurement is the ability to negotiate contracts effectively: contracts, in a wide range of settings, over large and small issues. This course provides a solid battery of strategies, tactics and skills that are effective in contract formation and contract administration negotiations. Every key phase of the negotiation process — from start to finish — is covered in this dynamic course, designed as a hands-on workshop that encourages participants to develop and test their skills.

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  • Operating Practices in Contract Administration

    Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a contract can be only as strong and as successful as its administration. In this highly practical course, you’ll address all aspects of effective contract administration — from initial award to final closeout. Special emphasis will be given to successful administration of contracts: problem avoidance, day-to-day operating practices, performance monitoring systems, early detection and correction of nonperformance, payment, contract modifications and working relationships.

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  • Performance-Based Acquisition: Preparing Work Statements

    Service contracts have been widely criticized for being plagued by cost overruns, delays, and other problems. Performance-based contracting is increasingly being invoked as a means of overcoming these problems and ensuring value for money. Does the approach live up to its promise? It can—if it is properly employed.

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  • Project Management for Contracting Professionals

    As government agencies and companies continue to streamline operations and with the huge growth in public- and private-sector outsourcing, contract management is increasingly taking on many of the elements and responsibilities of project management.

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  • Shaping Win-Win Acquisitions

    Those new to contracting will gain a broad, comprehensive understanding of the environment in which they serve. You will develop professional skills for making business decisions and advising other acquisition team members toward success in meeting customers’ needs. Before delving into technical knowledge and contracting procedures, you will first learn about the different Department of Defense (DoD) mission areas along with the types of business alternatives that may be selected for each area. Knowledge management and information systems, as well as recent acquisition initiatives, will be introduced.

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  • Simplified Acquisition

    This course provides in-depth, up-to-the-minute coverage on the full range of small-purchase policies and procedures, including the revised Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) language. In addition to explaining the many changes that have occurred in the simplified acquisition arena, the course also emphasizes the well-established rules that have not changed with FASA, such as compliance with FAR Part 8, required source of supply, the regulatory prohibition against splitting orders, and contract reporting.

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  • Source Selection Essentials: Planning, Conducting, and Debriefing

    In-depth knowledge is the key to success in the government’s best-value source selection process. With in-depth knowledge, the acquisition team can plan and execute streamlined, innovative source selections that result in timely selection of high-quality contractors, and suppliers can design customer-focused, fully compliant proposals that clearly articulate their technical and cost solutions.

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  • Source Selection: The Best Value Process

    How do you pick the winner? How can you increase the likelihood of being the winner yourself? One of the most critical steps facing agencies and contractors in government contracting is source selection — the process agencies follow to choose among competing proposals. In response to demands for improvements in the quality of supplies and services, federal agencies are increasingly using best-value criteria to award contracts. While the process gives agencies great latitude, the procedures are demanding of agency personnel and competing offers. In addition, the rules give you little guidance on how best to select evaluation factors and evaluate proposals.

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  • Subcontract Management in Government Contracting

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of the laws, government policies and regulations – including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) – that apply to subcontracts and subcontract management. With all of the changes that have occurred in procurement, this course is a must for keeping subcontracting activities efficient, profitable and in compliance with government requirements.

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