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      If you must keep a lower version of Internet Explorer on your computer, please use one of the other browsers if you experience any issues.
  • Additional Software Needed for Some Courses
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Course Overview

After you have logged into the site, you will arrive at the home page and will click the My Courses link. The Course Overview page will display all of your courses. Roll over the highlighted areas for more information.

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Course overview

BAP-DWM: Business Process Modeling

You have journals that need attention


Course Home Page

The Course Home Page includes a Table of Contents in the left block. The course content is listed on the right. Roll over the highlighted areas for more information.

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HomeBAP-DWM: Business Process Modeling


Course Introduction

BAP-DWM: Business Process Modeling

  • START HERE: How to Use This Course
  • Course Outcomes and Scope
  • Resource Library
  • Personal Learning Journal
  • File
  • Getting to Know You Discussion
  • Precourse Assessment
  • Survey

Module 1

Overview of Business Process Modeling

  • Module 1 - Overview of Business Process Modeling
  • Next Steps: Action Plan Discussion

Course Closeout

  • BAP-DWM: Business Process Modeling Final Exam
  • Course Survey
  • Course Completion Certificate

SCORM Module

  • BAP-DWM: Business Process Modeling Final Exam

Each SCORM module has content pages and knowledge checks. An icon is applied to each page and folder as you access and complete each item.





Complete and satisfied

Complete and not satisfied


Incomplete and satisfied

Incomplete and not satisfied


Course Closeout Requirements

  • Complete the precourse assessment

  • View every page of each module.
    Completion icons are applied to every page once you view it. Completion icons are applied to each folder once every page in that folder receives a complete icon.
    NOTE: When you go back through the module, the completion icons for the folder and the pages you are accessing will be removed and re-applied as move away from the page. There is a known issue where users may sometimes have to click the back button to get the SCORM module to register a completion.

  • View and complete all knowledge checks and review questions for each module.
    You will have two attempts to answer each question correctly; with the exception of a True or False question which has only has one attempt.  The score you receive from the knowledge checks and quizzes is NOT used in determining the completion of the module.

  • Post one post or one response in each discussion.

  • Complete all case studies and exercises.

  • Pass the final exam (if required):
    When you're finished with the module content and all other activities in the course, the final exam will be available. You will have 60 minutes to complete the exam.  Make sure you set aside enough time to complete the exam from start to finish. You will have 2 attempts to pass the exam. The passing score is 72% or above for most courses.

  • Complete the course survey.


Completion Tick Boxes

The tick is optional and is a way of tracking your progress through the course.

  • If a box with a dotted border is shown, a tick will appear automatically when you have completed the activity according to conditions set by the teacher.
  • If a box with a solid border is shown, you can click it to tick the box when you think you have completed the activity. (Clicking it again removes the tick.)


Q. Do I need any additional materials or directions for this course?

A. No. The course is self-contained, and everything you need is included for you. For example, this course may have tools, case studies, exercises, actions plans, solutions, etc. The reference material is located in the Resource Library folder and on the pages where referenced. It can be reached by navigating to Home > Resource Library page. You can save the reference material to your computer for future reference. 

Q. Do I need to go through the course in order?

A. No. You can access the modules through the Course Home Page. The Course Home Page list the modules in sequence. You move the modules in any order that you choose. All activities must be completed. If you access the modules activities out of order, be sure to check to make sure you have completed all tasks. This is a multi-module course, and once you end a module, you will be asked to exit that module and enter the next module to continue with the course.

Q. What kinds of activities should I expect to do?

A. The course will ask you to complete a variety of activities to show your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the material. Additionally, you'll be completing an extended set of case studies that run throughout the course. There are areas in the course where you will be asked to stop, reflect, and write an answer to one or more discussion questions, which will help you connect the concepts in the course to your current position or job situation. These are an important component of the course, so please take the time to engage fully with content and your peers!

Q. Is there a final exam?

A. Yes. There will be a one-hour, multiple-choice format exam. After you have received a "complete" for the course by viewing every page, answering every discussion prompt, completing all quizzes/review questions, and completing all course activities, you will then be directed to the exam. The passing score is 72% or above.