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Establishing a Business Mindset

Available Modalities:

  • e-Training
  • Public Classroom
  • On Site
  • Virtual Classroom
Delivery Method PDU Total Technical PMP/PgMp Leadership Strategy PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Instructor-Led Training 22.5 0 12.5 10 0 0 0 0 0
Virtual Instructor-Led Training 22.5 0 12.5 10 0 0 0 0 0
Delivery Method Instructor-Led Training Virtual Instructor-Led Training
PDU Total 22.5 22.5
Technical PMP/PgMp 0 0
Leadership 12.5 12.5
Strategy 10 10
PMI SP 0 0
PfMP 0 0
  • PDUs: 22.5
  • CEUs: 2.25
  • CDUs: 22.5

Expert knowledge is prized in today’s business environment. Without it, businesses cannot compete in the global marketplace. But in today’s business world, deep technical knowledge is not enough—especially as you move up the ranks. Your technical knowledge must be complemented by business acumen— general knowledge of the “rules of engagement” in business.
This course helps professionals develop and apply holistic solutions to business issues. You will learn to leverage variables related to the business environment, business thinking, business interactions, and business outcomes for project, organizational, personal and professional success.

Establishing a Business Mindset, you will discover the value and impact of business acumen and how you can apply it to achieve greater success. You’ll learn to apply TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s practical Mindset Model for interpreting different business situations, identifying goals, communicating effectively, and leveraging a variety of business “influencers.” You’ll also be introduced to common metrics used to measure business success. You’ll walk away with a firm grasp of what you must be aware of to be successful in business, as well as a plan for professional development.

  • Apply business acumen to realize professional and personal potential
  • Use TwentyEighty Strategy Execution's Mindset Model as a framework for approaching current work and setting future goals
  • Enhance your contributions to the organization
  • Adapt to changing variables in a typical business environment
  • Develop your skills in alignment with your personal and professional goals

This course uses digital materials.

  • The Mindset Model
    • Strategic perspective
    • Operational perspective
    • Interpersonal perspective
    • Personal perspective
    • The dynamic model
  • The Strategic Perspective
    • •Strategic influences
    • Determine your strategy
    • Identify vision
    • Identify and analyze stakeholders
    • Identify potential goals
    • Set objectives and goals
  • The Operational Perspective
    • Operational influences
    • TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s Operational Framework (OPF)
    • Products and services
    • HR/training
    • Marketing/PR
    • Customer service
    • Process/business rules
    • Finance/budgeting
    • Financial reports
    • Net present value
    • ROI and break-even analysis
  • The Personal Perspective
    • Personal influences
    • Organizational environment and culture
    • Cultural challenges
    • Business etiquette and politics
    • Linguistic considerations
    • Gender, ethnicity and class roles
  • The Interpersonal Perspective
    • Interpersonal influences
    • Structuring communications
    • Communication and virtual teams
    • Active listening
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Mentoring and coaching
    • Conflict and conflict management
    • Cultural conflicts
    • Managing stakeholders and their expectations