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Virtual Instructor-Led Training System Requirements

Internet Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Requirements

Headset, including microphone. We will be using VoIP, so you will need a microphone in order to speak. Here are some things to look for in a headset:

  • USB (no computer sound card required) or analog (if you have a good computer sound card)
  • Noise-canceling microphone (unidirectional is ideal)
  • Comfort
  • Long cord (at least 6 feet so you have room to move around)
  • You should be able to purchase a suitable microphone inexpensively either online or through any store that sells electronic equipment.

See if the Virtual Classroom can run on your computer:

Adobe Connect Test Link

Minimum System Requirements:

Please click this link to access the most up to date technical requirements for Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect Requirements Link