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Live Classroom Experience in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

With real-time delivery in a live, online format, Strategy Execution's Virtual Instructor-Led Training lets you communicate with instructors and collaborate with fellow students via microphone and text-chat. This lively, interactive format is unlike any course you've ever taken!

Certificates Can Be Earned Virtually

Strategy Execution offers several certificates that can be earned entirely online:

How Strategy Execution’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classroom Works:

  • Communication - The instructor and participants communicate instantly via microphone and text-chat.
  • Interactive Tools - Polling questions, surveys, quiz questions and games spark discussion and reinforce key learning points while markup tools and whiteboards allow you to brainstorm and share experiences.
  • Breakout Rooms – Much like in a traditional classroom you will be divided into groups via virtual breakout rooms to collaboratively solve case studies and complete exercises.
  • Offline Homework – You complete homework assignments and exercises outside of the classroom to help them further retain and apply new information and prepare for the final exam.
  • Reinforcement Tools - During and after the course, you can access valuable tools, templates, readings, reference material and homework assignments. After the course, you can listen to recorded modules to review information.

Benefits of Strategy Execution’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classroom Experience:

  • Consistency - Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses are just like our traditional classroom courses making it easy to seamlessly blend vILT courses into your current training program.
  • Convenience and Cost Savings - Courses can be delivered in modules that only take up part of the day. This means projects won’t have to be put on hold while you train. And, with no travel or lodging expenses to contend with, you will save money.
  • vILT courses can be applied toward a number of industry-recognized certificates from Strategy Execution and The George Washington University.

eTraining and vILT: What's the Difference?

Technology allows for professionals from around the world to benefit from convenient and cost-effective online learning experiences like eTraining and vILT.

Download our comparative infographic to better understand which modality is right for you.

 Online Learning Infographic

 Available Courses

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