DAU Joint Certification

The two Joint Master’s Certificates offered through this strategic partnership are:

This Joint Certificate program helps agencies build talent and drive results while reducing overall training and development costs. It allows defense sector employees to achieve DAWIA continuous learning requirements and get a professional Master’s Certificate in PM or CM while earning academic credits toward a GW University degree.

Both programs provide comprehensive education and enable students to gain essential knowledge and skills that can help ensure successful project or contract management specific to the defense sector. This joint program was established to enhance the existing DAU curriculum and provide defense personnel another venue for professional development. 

Through this strategic partnership, learners also have access to more than 100 courses offered by Strategy Execution in the areas of project and contract management, business analysis, and business skills. These courses help improve job performance, and provide students with the additional skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers. 

Obtaining these Master’s Certificates highlights your expertise and allows you to add credentials after your name: 

  • GWCCM: The George Washington University Certified Contract Manager 
  • GWCPM: The George Washington University Certified Project Manager

These certifications are recognized credentials that acknowledge and reward individual achievement while adding authority to your organization’s strategic learning initiatives. Additionally, recipients of the Master’s Certificate in Project Management may receive advanced academic standing for up to three “non-core” courses, for a total of up to nine credits toward The George Washington  University Master’s Degree in Project Management.

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