Vendor Management

Vendor Management

If your agency or organization is like most, vendors account for approximately 60% of your budget spend. Thus, vendor management is critical and should be considered a core business function of your agency or organization. TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s vendor management solution is designed to help you apply best practices in relationships and vendor performance management; elicit, document, and manage vendor requirements; improve communication with key stakeholders; and reduce and manage conflicts. The curriculum will also enable you to plan and conduct negotiations throughout the vendor management life cycle, and more.
  • Eliciting and Documenting Vendor Requirements

    The quality of work performed by a vendor can only be as good as the requirements you provide them. Whether they are a contracting officer, project manager, or member of the integrated project team, an individual who works with a contractor should be adept at eliciting requirements from stakeholders. Taking those requirements and communicating them to vendors in a clear, measurable, and concise fashion will have a direct impact on project success.

  • Improving Communication with Vendors

    The Improving Communication with Vendors course is designed to give buyers, acquisition staff, and managers targeted training on relationship management and communication.

  • Managing Service Level Agreements

    Managing Service Level Agreements (SLA) will outline the major processes and tools of developing and managing SLA as a part of a performance-based service contract. This course is designed to equip the personnel involved in developing and managing SLAs with the knowledge needed to maximize the benefits of performance-based service contracts.

  • Negotiating with Vendors

    Negotiation is an invaluable skill for any vendor manager. Not only do you negotiate agreements with vendors and contractors, but you must effectively negotiate with stakeholders, customers and team members. This two-day, highly interactive experience covers the dynamics, processes and techniques of internal and external negotiation situations.

  • Vendor Performance Management

    The Vendor Performance Management course is designed to give buyers, acquisition staff, and managers targeted training on relationship management, performance management, measurement, communication, and conflict management.

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