Leading Complex Projects


Have you ever taken on a project that appeared just too complex to handle? Just trying to identify the multitude of variables to be managed, let alone to anticipate how they might interact to create unexpected challenges, can be overwhelming. So how do you determine the true complexity, with a clear understanding of the variables involved and move forward to develop a plan that provides the right level of control and flexibility for success

Leading a complex project requires a new way of thinking—a new approach to applying known project management techniques and tools. Leading Complex Projects provides an innovative approach to assess project complexity and to deploy the best techniques to achieve success.

You’ll learn to use TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s unique Complexity Indicator and Complex Project Model to increase your effectiveness in controlling the complexity in your project. The Complex Project Model provides valuable insight into the variables that create the complexity of your particular project. It enables you to select existing tools from a new point of view that both limits the level of complexity and leverages use of the remaining complexity for positive results—in short, to stack the odds of success in your favor!

The exercises and readings are designed to give you hands-on experience from a new perspective while determining the true level of project complexity and using complexity to assist rather than hinder progress. Among the tools provided is an automated template of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s Complexity Indicator. Using your answers to the questions in the Complexity Indicator, this tool automatically calculates your project’s complexity level, and plots the strengths and weaknesses of your project against the nine areas of PMBOK® Guide. This course is a must for the experienced project manager who needs a leg up in managing the seemingly unmanageable!

Reminder: It is highly recommended that participants already have practical project management experience and a thorough understanding of project management tools and techniques.


  • PDUs: 22.5 (See PDU tab)
  • CEUs: 2.2
  • CPEs: 27
  • Field of Study: Management Advisory Services

Credits may vary by delivery method


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