CPIC and the Exhibit 300


What can you do to ensure your IT capital investments receive funding? All federal agencies must seek approval and funding for their IT capital investments through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  The business cases for these investments are summarized and submitted by your agency in the Exhibit 300 (E-300) for justification, compliance evaluation, and continued approval of funds. Why is the information on the E-300 important to my project?  Why do I have to submit an E-300, and when?  These questions and others will be answered in CPIC and the Exhibit 300. 

This course is designed for all federal employees and government contractors who need to better understand the CPIC process, contribute data to the E-300, or actually prepare the E-300.  If you are a project team member or want to work on major IT investments within your agency, this course will help you gain the knowledge and insight needed to accurately report an investment.  It is also beneficial for any professional who needs to understand the budget process and the “CPIC” language.

CPIC and the Exhibit 300 provides you with a greater understanding of the laws and purpose of the capital planning process and perhaps, more importantly, how CPIC fits into everyday practice at your agency.  You will review what questions to ask at each phase of the CPIC life cycle. You will discuss the role of the OMB and the role of programs support documentation.  You will learn about a number of guidance documents and requirements, primarily the Circular A-11, part 7, Exhibit 300, and A-130.

In this course, you will gain valuable insight into the importance of planning alternatives, analysis, risk management, earned value management, and corrective actions.  You will also learn to recognize the significance of your investments’ total estimated life cycle costs, and to appreciate the growing importance of your investment’s performance information and adherence to security and privacy laws.  


  • PDUs: 21.0
  • CEUs: 2.1
  • CPEs: 25.0
  • CDUs: 21.0

Credits may vary by delivery method


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