Facilitation Techniques for Business Analysis


Those practicing business analysis spend a significant amount of time facilitating sessions to gather requirements and other information. Yet, many facilitators lack formal training on how to effectively do so.  A successful facilitation session results in requirements and information that can be analyzed and worked with once the session is complete. Facilitation Techniques for Business Analysis focuses on teaching the facilitation skills necessary to elicit and analyze requirements on a project.

In this highly interactive course, you will learn how to effectively help stakeholders define their needs and form these into quantifiable requirements through facilitation. As a facilitator, you will learn how to prepare for and conduct both face-to-face and remote group sessions. You will be exposed not only to several facilitation techniques, but you will also learn effective facilitation practices and how to manage conflict in a session. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment with a trained facilitator to guide you through various activities. You will leave the class with the confidence to prepare for a session, including creating a facilitation plan, motivating a group’s participation, building consensus, managing conflict, maintaining session focus, and evaluating results for lessons learned.

This course can help those individuals at all levels who need to better facilitate meetings and workshops around requirements or other specific outcomes. While the course focuses in the business analysis space, this is applicable to all disciplines (agile PM, traditional PM, contracting, etc.)


  • PDUs: 15
  • CEUs: 1.5
  • CPEs: 18
  • CDUs: 15

Credits may vary by delivery method


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