Analyzing Benefits and Refining Solutions


Analyzing Benefits and Refining Solutions applies an approach to using business analysis skills that addresses the work needed to ensure that a solution, once in place, actually delivers the business value that was expected of it, and to optimize that business value over its useful life. 

A solution could have a useful life of many years, and is likely to evolve over its lifetime, just as the organization that uses it, and the business context within which it operates will also evolve.  One of the challenges of supporting an existing solution is that often, the logic of why a solution is the way it is, and what the original requirements were gradually gets lost.

This course explores the period after solution development and implementation.  This may be a time where there is no identified project manager in place, but when an organization should be evaluating the solution to ensure it is providing the value it was intended to provide. Business analysis remains critical at this point.

Analyzing Benefits and Refining Solutions starts with by reviewing the context of benefits management (principles, types of benefits, and the benefit life-cycle) before exploring how to:

  • Understand what is necessary to transition to new solutions
  • Measure benefits
  • Evaluate solution performance against intended benefits
  • Establish continuous improvement of solutions and make improvement recommendations
  • Manage the human factors of organizational change that accompany solutions
This course can help anyone with an interest in understanding the myriad components involved with the management and realization of the benefits of a solution of any level of complexity. This topic is an area in which roles are generally undefined and this course is for any person(s) concerned with being able to deliver and improve upon solutions that provide true business value.


  • PDUs: 15
  • CEUs: 1.5
  • CPEs: 18
  • CDUs: 15

Credits may vary by delivery method


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