Project Portfolio Management Using Agile


You know how the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.”  Although there is no way to predict the future and know with certainty what will happen, shouldn’t you and your organization be looking at the full picture?

When diving into projects it is pertinent to know basic enterprise information to avoid overusing your resources, including employees, and losing sight of the most critical pieces of your project. 

This course is for experienced project managers and is designed to teach you how to apply Agile, Lean and Kanban to your portfolio planning and management.  We will arm you with new methods for planning, prioritizing, sizing and managing your portfolio.  You will discuss new ways of looking at enterprise capacity planning by planning around teams, measuring velocity and establishing a pull method from your portfolio backlog.  Learn from real world examples and leave feeling confident and knowledgeable about managing your Agile portfolio.


  • PDUs: 22.5 (see PDU tab)
  • CEUs: 2.25
  • CPEs: 27
  • Field of Study: Management Advisory Services

Credits may vary by delivery method


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