Adaptive Strategic Execution

Adaptive Strategic Execution

Leaders of project-based work at every level of the organization must have the right skill sets, adaptive approach, and responsive mindset to help them and their organizations navigate an increasingly complex and collaborative environment. Each course in the new curriculum is purposefully designed to extend the mindset, toolset, and skill set of the project-based work leader to navigate these three domains in increasingly complex contexts.

There will be eight courses within this curriculum. Additional titles will be added as they become available.

  • Aligning Work with Strategy

    Aligning Work with Strategy sensitizes participants to the mindset necessary to think and act strategically as they lead and execute work in their organizations. Attendees focus on the mutually supportive skills of translating the larger organizational strategy to their own work and architecting their own strategies for executing this work. Additionally, participants learn the importance of having a strategic frame of reference that maintains alignment of strategy with the critical domains of work and people to enable effective execution.

  • Influencing without Authority

    Influencing Without Authority equips participants with the skills needed to build credibility and effectively influence stakeholders, even if they lack the formal authority to make demands on resources. This course helps attendees understand the attitudes and behaviors of leaders who know how to get work done through influence and persuasion whether managing up, down, across, or diagonally within organizations.

  • Design Thinking for Results

    Design Thinking for Results engages participants in a discussion about an iterative design process which bridges imagination and implementation to help organizations rapidly and incrementally address complex challenges, create value, and grow. Participants will explore the need for customer-focused thinking and learn that not all innovation involves product innovation. They will experience the value that innovating around processes and services can bring to an organization and discover how to implement a test-and-learn mentality that capture more value for the organization more quickly.

  • Making Sense of Complexity

    This is the foundational course of the curriculum. It demonstrates how the internal and external contexts in which we work have become more complex. The course provides models, tools, and practice that help participants recognize and manage the forces that create this complexity. The course also explores the mindsets and skill sets that leaders of project-based work must possess in order to successfully navigate complexity and get work done.

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