Contract Management Certs

Contract Management Certification

In partnership with The George Washington University, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution offers two paths to contract management certification. The first allows you to obtain an Associate’s Certificate in Contract Management. This certificate exhibits your knowledge and skills within the government contracting discipline.

You are also able to obtain a Master’s Certificate in Contract Management from TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and The George Washington University. Obtaining the Master’s Certificate allows you to add credentials after your name, and highlights your expertise in the field. 

Obtaining an Associate’s Certificate in Contract Management

To receive your Associate’s Certificate, you must complete three courses within two years.

Associate's Certificate
in Contract Management
Complete three courses within two years
One course must be taken from the following:


Federal Contracting Basics




Contract Management Principles and Practices
The remaining two courses may be taken from the following:
    Core Government Contracting courses
    Specialized Contracting courses


Writing Statements of Work: The Heart of Any Contract
    Business Skills courses (limit one)

Obtaining a Master’s Certificate Contract Management

To receive your Master’s Certificate, you must complete seven courses within four years.

Master's Certificate
in Contract Management
Complete seven courses within four years
These five courses must be taken:


Federal Contracting Basics
    Negotiation Strategies and Techniques


Source Selection: The Best Value Process


Contract Pricing


Operating Practices in Contract Administration
The remaining two courses may be taken from the following:
    Contract Management elective courses
    Commercial Contracting courses
    Project Management courses
    IT Project Management courses
    Program Management courses
    Agile courses
    Business Skills courses
    Business Analysis courses


  • Students must adhere to the restrictions specified on each course page.
  • Each course may be applied to only one associate's certificate. However, all courses applied to the Associate's Certificate may also be applied toward specific Master's Certificate requirements.

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