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FAC-C Training

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s FAC-C courses will enhance the existing training you’ve received through your level I, II, or III certification and provide you with another venue for professional development.

Title FAC/C
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Shaping Win-Win Acquisitions (CON 100) X      
Federal Contracting Basics X      
Source Selection: The Best-Value Process X      
Operating Practices in Contract Adm. X      
Legal Considerations in Government Contracting (CON 216)   X    
Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques   X    
Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting (CON 243) X X X X
Federal Construction Contracting (CON 244) X X X X
Negotiation Strategies and Techniques X X X X
FAR Part 15: Negotiated Acquisition X X X X
Federal Appropriations Law X X X X
Government Contract Law X X X X
International Contracting X X X X
Managing Cost-Reimbursement Contracts X X X X
Managing Performance-Based Service Awards X X X X
Market Research and Commercial Item Acquisition X X X X
Performance-Based Acquisition: Preparing Work Statements X X X X
Project Management for Contracting Professionals X X X X
Simplified Acquisition X X X X
Source Selection Essentials: Planning, Conducting, Debriefing X X X X
Subcontract Management in Government Contracting X X X X
Federal Appropriations Law  X X X X
Budget and Financial Management X X X X
Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance X X X X
Communicating Up: Winning Strategies for Successful Executive Conversations X X X X
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving X X X X
Establishing a Business Mindset X X X X
High-Impact Communications X X X X
Taking Charge of Organizational Change X X X X
Contract Pricing  X X X X
Cost Estimating X X X X
Agile Projects: Keys to Getting Started X X X X
Developing Agile Requirements X X X X
Estimating and Planning Agile Projects X X X X
Unlocking the Power of Earned Value Management X X X X
Writing Statements of Work: The Heart of Any Contract X X X X

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