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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution realizes that achievement of business strategies depends on solid project performance. All of our Corporate Project Management Solutions are built to address the specific challenges that get in the way of you delivering on your commitments. With three decades of client successes behind us and half of the Fortune 500 as clients, we understand the causes of project failure and how to resolve them within your organization through better corporate training.

If your organization has needs related to project, program, or portfolio management, contract management, business analysis, or vital project leadership skills – our corporate project management focused training has you covered.

Project-focused solutions are all we do.

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution believes that results reflect commitment. This is why we have remained true to our singular goal of being the most respected and sought-after global provider of corporate project management training solutions. We have invested in developing over 200+ courses, a network of 800 experienced instructors and consultants, and a global infrastructure, all with one singular purpose: to help companies just like yours deliver business value through project excellence.

Every organization has unique project challenges, and each of those challenges requires a unique solution to best propel your teams and your business forward. From cultures to competencies, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution takes a comprehensive approach to assessing your people, processes, and tools so that we fully understand your project environment and the obstacles and opportunities that you face. We then craft the right curriculum, expertise, and support services to move you down the path to greater project certainty.

We’ll make you look like a hero.

Don’t worry, we also make sure to quantify the impact of learning initiatives to benchmark progress, validate your investment, as well as to confirm what a smart decision you made in partnering with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution.

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