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About Us

About TwentyEighty Strategy Execution

At TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, we deliver workforce learning that bridges the strategy execution gap. By improving the way your people lead and execute project-based work, we increase the alignment of your execution to your intended strategy. The result? Improved teams, capability and capacity that ensure greater success, greater growth and greater revenues. 

By combining the best of cutting-edge university research and proven business techniques we deliver a performance-focused perspective designed to increase alignment and engagement across teams, business units or the entire enterprise. Our core expertise centers on:

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The StrategyEx blog is a platform for instructors and key industry experts to share their knowledge, experience, and points of view on effective project leadership.

The PMO Perspectives blog is written to re-enforce our commitment to the industry and provide a useful tool to the PMO Community.

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About Us

We help you improve performance by aligning your execution with your strategy and transforming the way you lead and execute project-based work.

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