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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution Launches New Blog

Blog provides valuable insight and expertise into project management industry

Arlington, Va. – January 24, 2017

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, a leading global training company, today announced the launch of a new blog. The StrategyEx blog, which features content from leading industry experts, is designed to be a resource for project management (PM) professionals, students, and the business community.

As the project management discipline evolves, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s instructors and key leaders stay abreast of industry-related trends, enabling them to relay best practices and real world application to our students. The blog serves as a platform for these experts to share their knowledge, experience and also their points of view on effective project leadership.

Among the TwentyEighty Strategy Execution blog contributors are Tim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer; Joseph Czarnecki, Vice President Product & Sales Support; Jonathan Gilbert, Vice President, Product Management – Advanced Project Management; and Adam Leslie, Senior Curriculum Project Manager. Together, these experts bring more than 30 years of leadership experience as project managers, educators, and consultants.

“At Strategy Execution, we believe that work gets done through projects, so it’s important for organizations to invest in the individuals who manage projects to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability,” said Tim Wasserman, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution Chief Learning Officer. “Forward thinking leaders have recognized the relationship between the successful execution of projects and the ability to reach strategic milestones. With that view, professionals outside of the traditional PM space have embraced the value of project management and the skills associated with successfully managing project-based work. This blog will be a channel for us to reach that broader group of people, and share with them the best practices we’ve gleaned from over 30 years in the industry.”

The blog will serve as a companion to Strategy Execution’s recently launched Knowledge Center, a robust catalog of thought leadership that includes an array of assets on various topics, including articles on how to improve communication skills, briefs on how to think about work more strategically, guides on how to select a training partner, and case studies on what’s worked for others.

Visit the new blog at

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