Our History

Over 30 Years of Excellence in Project Leadership Training

Strategy Execution History

Strategy Execution was formed by the merger of industry leaders IPS Learning and ESI International, giving us over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering courses that improve the way teams and organizations get their work done.

ESI International was founded in 1981 and helped more than 1.5 million professionals grow their skills in project, program, and portfolio management; business analysis; and contract management. Its catalog of more than 100 courses delivered in more than a dozen languages at hundreds of locations worldwide, made ESI International an unmatched player in the project management training industry.

IPS was founded in 1988, initially as a consultancy focused on advanced project and program management as well as strategy execution. It later expanded to offer workshops as well as formal training. In collaboration with Stanford University’s School of Design, IPS Learning offered the Stanford Advanced Project Management (SAPM) program to leaders looking to take their project management training to the next level and deepen their relational skill set. In 2013 and 2014, IPS Learning and Stanford Center for Professional Development co-led The Strategic Execution Conference. Our partnership with Stanford University came to a close in the spring of 2017.

In October of 2015, IPS Learning and ESI International announced the merger and creation of Strategy Execution.

Since our merger, we’ve:

  • Expanded our curriculum, allowing our students to refine their technical skills while developing essential leadership skills
  • Broadened our students’ access to the world’s finest intellectual property focused on improved performance
  • Increased the emphasis on blending academic research and industry expertise to ensure we provide the latest research, ideas and approaches to transform the way our clients execute project-based work
  • Established a partnership with Duke Corporate Education to bring you the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP)

Strategy Execution is industry-proven and academically tested to provide solutions for your project management and leadership training needs. We help elevate leaders to improve team and organizational performance, one project at a time. We’re passionate about education and make it our mission to solve your organizational challenges.