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Build Skills That Drive Project Performance

When you invest in learning, you improve outcomes. It's that simple.

Breaking it Down to Basics

Project work has changed. The days of managing a project linearly are long gone. These days, project leaders spend much of their time reacting to unexpected changes.

Since we cannot control our unpredictable environments, we must focus on what we can control: how we respond. Our best chance of being prepared is to manage the inevitable is to improve our skills in the four domains that drive project work.

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This is the big picture. Having Strategy skills means being able to step back and see the situation in the context of the full ecosystem in which it lives.

The outcome of a well-produced strategy is knowing how the various pieces fit together and how they impact one another.



Getting work done is both an art and a science. It requires a continuous implementation of processes, best practices, and techniques, while also orchestrating the flow of these moving pieces toward a finish line.

The goal is to ensure project success while constantly looking for innovations and improvements to products and processes.



Practicing self-awareness and reflection has the ability to transform the atmosphere and culture of an entire organization. A practical way to contribute to a productive and healthy work environment is to invest in yourself through education and training opportunities.

Take the time to learn about demonstrating confidence with an executive presence, what it means to have an adaptive mindset, and how you can solve complex challenges.



Regardless of the organization, people are the most valuable and most complex aspect of getting work done. Managing the "people" side of projects requires adaptive leadership and relational skills in order to build effective working environments.

It's important to consider the multiple players involved in a project, each of whom bring their own perspectives, needs, and personalities to the mix.

A Well-Rounded Skill Set

Let's not stop there. Under each of the domains exist competencies and mindsets needed to navigate the chaos and uncertainties of today's world. Modern project leaders need to possess a combination of these competencies to succeed.

Explore each section of the wheel and ask yourself, how am I and my team doing in this area?

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