Project Management Resources for Business Leaders


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    Selection and Prioritization of Projects

    • Identify, select, and prioritize new projects
    • Proper assessment of business needs and strategic alignment
    • Manage backlog of projects
    • Manage one or more project portfolios
    • Manage one or more programs

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    Effective Communication

    • Effectively communicate with project stakeholders and upper management
    • Communicate project performance as warranted, as well has ensure direct reports follow suit
    • Work and dialogue more effectively with project team and stakeholders
    • Appropriately delegate tasks and manage responsibilities
    • Negotiate resources effectively throughout the project lifecycle

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    Proactive Risk Management

    • Properly define potential risks
    • Clearly identify project assumptions
    • Assess impact and probability of risk occurrence
    • Develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies

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    Resource Planning and Management

    • Allocate resources between projects based on priority and need
    • Coordinate between projects
    • Conduct networking and environmental scanning
    • Properly develop resource plans as they relate to addressing risks should they arise
    • Effectively negotiate resources as needed for projects

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    Requirements and Scope Management

    • Clearly define upfront project requirements
    • Elicit requirements from end users and project stakeholders through impactful facilitation
    • Effectively involve end users and project stakeholders in requirements gathering
    • Clearly establish the scope for a project, including an appropriate change management process

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    Project Leadership and Stakeholder Management

    • Provide advice to upper management
    • Provide direction and support to project team when facing project obstacles
    • Proper internal and external stakeholder engagement, depending on roles
    • Effective communications with project team and acute time management skills
    • Coach and mentor project team to improve performance

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    Estimation and Initial Planning

    • Develop realistic timescales and budgets
    • Establish and maintain realistic project expectations
    • Use effective techniques to solicit project estimates from team and include appropriate buffers when necessary
    • Appropriate establish mitigation techniques for identified risks


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